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I’ve been a bad girl.  I haven’t actually blogged since October 2009.  I know, there just seemed to be so much to occupy me, and the interwebs is very full of shiny stuff, I was distracted.  But, I came to work today and sat down and decided I was going to post a great post about my current and deepening obsession with spinning and weaving high twist cotton.  I even took a Droid photo of my little sampler I’ve been carrying around.

It was going to be a great and glorious post about all the new revelations I’ve been having about twist and how it affects yarn.  It was also going to mention just how far down the rabbit hole I’ve gone in deciding to warp the Structo with a 300 end warp of 60/2 silk and 50/2 cotton, and that I don’t find that awful at all.

In short I was going to give you a great and informative post on spinning and weaving.  Instead, I found a broken website.

I know it worked last week, I looked at my post on getting my new Penguin wheel then.  Today, database connection issues that I was unable to correct w/out a software re-install.

Actually, that’s not true. I could possibly have corrected them by schlogging through the code and trying to recover the corrupted file, but I chose not to.  I schlog through code all day every day and prefer not to if at all possible in my personal time.  Also, I needed to upgrade anyway.  So fresh install it is.  I was able to get most of the look back and will probably be tweaking things for a while.  Then I’ll get tired of it and go for a whole new look, you know, because I can.

So if anyone’s still out there, I’m back and going to be putting more attention into this site.  It’s easier now, I have an Android app for it!

And because I took it, here’s the bad Droid pic of the sampler…

This is cool

Handspun cotton sampler

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