Happy V-day!

Quick random things…

  • It was a good weekend.  My presentation for Smokey Mountain Knitting Guild went well.  No one threw things at me and several people thanked me for the information.
  • Spun a new yarn, a bulky boucle. You can’t see it though because it sold at the guild meeting.  More is on the wheel
  • Still doing dye experiments with the TFD cotton. Should have hand painted cotton sliver for sale soon
  • Next up is a Demonstration at Nice Threads Fiber Gallery
  • on Feb 26th to promote the workshop on March 12th at the same location.

  • I need pretty wool braids for the March 12th class so in the next few weeks I will be spending some quality time in my dye/work room.
  • It’s Valentine’s Day on a Monday, which means it’s also Chuck night. Our plans? $5 Subway footlongs and one of our favorite TV shows. This means 2 things: 1 – That we are getting old to think a romantic evening is home with the TV (though we do have a fireplace and privacy so it’s no so bad) and 2 – We are geeks enough to find Subway and Chuck to be an acceptable Valentine’s date.
  • I will soon have yarns on the site, I just need to get some pictures taken.

Spinning more boucle, knitting socks and still weaving everything.

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