Here’s the math…

Warp = 9″, 56 threads per inch, 3 yards each. Total warp thread = 9*56*3= 1431 total yards.

Weft –

I was getting stuck this morning. My calculations were showing I needed something like 12000 yds of weft thread. I knew this wasn’t right, but couldn’t figure out where my math was going wrong. I did some thunking, got another cup of coffee and did some real work and realized I was dividing my total inches by 3 as if dealing with feet instead of inches.

So I have approx 1971.6 yards of weft thread available. Let’s see if the difference between a sett of 55 and a sett of 56 will get me in trouble…

72 inches x 56 picks per inch x 8.43″ the width of one pick = 33989.76″ of weft needed/36 inches per yard = 944.16 yards. Well within my ready to go weft amount.

For the 55…

72 inches x 55 picks per inch x 8.58″ the width of one pick = 33976.8″ of weft needed/36 inches per yard = 943.8 yards.

Losing one pick out of the inch made up for the extra .15″ width. Even if I were to weave at 56 ppi it’s only s difference of just under 11″ and I have over 1000 extra yards.

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