A bit of excitement

On Sunday Tim came home and we decided to go for a ride. He’d been looking at a road near us on Google Maps that he thought would make a good route. Off we go.

Without gory details, he missed not one, but two signs warning that the road was turning to gravel. He got concerned about me, didn’t pay enough attention to what HE was doing and ended up going down. It was a little go-down. He was fine and we thought the bike would have been fine, but a swirl of unlikely events placed a rock under the left side engine case cover right at the time the bike landed on said cover, cracking it. That case cover is pretty essential to keeping the oil inside the bike, which is essential in the bike running with out blowing up.

After some discussion, we decided to attempt a roadside repair. We were only 11 miles from home and have a garage full of parts. I rode back, grabbed some tools, his car, went to WalMart for some oil and back to the garage for the part and find this.

What you are seeing is the spare engine with out the part we needed. The egg shaped open area near the wood board that has the round thing in it is where that part belongs. So I grab the stuff, along with his wallet and phone and head back out to him. Yes he’d forgotten his wallet and phone when we left.

We decide to just call roadside assistance. That’s the whole reason we got our AMA membership. Most tow companies won’t tow motorcycles and neither will most RSA. I jumped back in his car and headed down the road until I found a parking lot where we could get cell signal. I was on the phone for 45 minutes to get them to send a truck to tow the bike 11 miles. The whole time I’m looking at this…

It was almost more than I could take NOT to borrow that trailer for the 20 mintues it would have taken to haul the bike home and bring it back. I doubt anyone would have even noticed it was missing, but as Tim pointed out, with our luck it would have been the Sheriff’s trailer.

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