What you are seeing is the next “big wow” piece. It’s a shawl in an Estonian leaf pattern from a cashmere/wool blend yarn.

I needed a break from the spinning and weaving. I wasn’t feeling well over the weekend and feel a touch worse today. We have the Microgeek for the evening so I’m hoping this will pass soon, but I’m not holding my breath.

On Friday, I got a new warp on the HD loom only to encounter brake failure of epic proportions. A previous owner (hereafter known as PO) seemed to have had some difficulty with the friction brake as well. I can only assume that they didn’t know enough about the theory of friction brakes to fix/tune it and decided instead to make a rachet/pawl system. Then they tried to re-engineer the friction brake… or something. The result is they lowered the hole for the pivot screw to accommodate the (beautifully made from lexan) new ratchet. The ratchet was thick enough to put stress on the pivot screw which caused this new hole to strip out.

In addition, the cord to the release handle was too short, causing the brake to never fully engage, and the spring was worn out so it didn’t provide enough tension to engage the brake. It took a good  2 hours, a bit of help form Tim and removing the rear beam and the warp beam, with a warp on it, and re-installing those.

All in all it was annoying and frustrating, but now the loom is back in original condition and working as intended again. I have one of 5-6 placemats woven and ready to go for the rest. They are simple tabby placemats out of DT yarn and some of Esther’s handpainted warp. So they are a simple and quick weave. The hem stitching is the most time consuming part.

After all of that I needed a break from it I guess. But I am more familiar with my equipment now.

I’m sure by the time I finish with the shawl I will be screaming to get back to the looms, but for now, it’s a nice, relaxing treat.

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