Still here

Yep, I’ve been a bad girl about posting here. Too much going on to stop and write about it I guess. I really need to do better. It’s the pictures that hold me up. Who wants to read a blog post without pictures?

Anyway, here’s the new-to-me loom with the latest project on it, a set of Huck placemats. These are part of my mad dash to get things ready for Dollywood in October. Yes, I’m gonna be at Dollywood!

No, you can’t really see the loom, I know. It’s a Harrisville Designs 36/4. It’s a folder and lovely and I am in head-over-heels love with it already.

The placemats are coming along. I only have a few inches woven, but they seem like they will go quickly. It’s the loom, it likes to weave fast.

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