Even things I love get tedious.

I haven’t felt well lately. I’ve been running an on and off again low grade fever and itchy/scratchy throat with a bot of coughing and sneezing. Mix that with my tire blow out this morning and I’m pretty grumpy right now.

But, with out the tire fiasco, I just have lost focus and drive. All I want to work on is the lace shawl. I have 2 of 3 looms warped, a mountain of finishing and seaming, all the bobbins full on the Sonata and some silk going on the CC. I know I’ll be back at the weaving soon, when I can sit upright for a few hours w/out getting dizzy or wanting to fall asleep. I’ll get the bobbins wound off the Sonata this weekend, but I couldn’t figure out why I was struggling to be motivated for this silk. I mean, it’s silk. Hand dyed Tussah silk. I love silk. It makes me happy.

The picture just doesn't show how really tiny this is spun

Then I did a test, I checked the wpi or diameters for these singles. It came in at about 75 wpi. This means there’s approx 7400 yards per pound, or 465 yards per ounce. This means one oz of this is the same amount of work as what I usually put into 4 oz of merino wool. Actually more work, because the silk isn’t as easy to draft or deal with as wool. I’ve done about 3/4 oz of a 2 oz brain and I’m kinda over this already. I’m trying to figure out what I can ply it with so I don’t have to spin up the other half immediately.

Maybe the re-spun Malabrigo rois?… That just might work. Or use it as a binder for some slubby recycled sari silk. Maybe some chunky spiral ply…

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