New for 2012

I’ve been working on an idea all summer and it has finally come to fruition.

Silk and stainless steel yarn with glass and hematite beads in a diamond lace pattern.


I started messing with the idea of knitted necklaces from a beautiful example I saw that Sandy had made at the Summer Retreat. I was disappointed in my own results though. I made a few really big messes.

Copper and bamboo yarn with glass beads in a modified Estonian lace edging pattern.


So I started mulling the idea of “Neck Lace” rather than “necklace”. At the same time, I’ve been collecting er, hoarding I mean acquiring, a nice collection of Habu metal yarns. I love these yarns, they have dimension that is fascinating, but hard to really work into a tradition knitted or woven item. Somehow, my brain put the two things together and these “neck laces” are what came out.

Silk and Stainless Steel with glass beads in a modified Estonian edging pattern


Every time I finish one, I get ideas for 3 more. It’s addictive and fascinating.

My only regret is that I didn’t get more of them photographed.

Speaking of, thank you Kristy M. Herron for the photography. You did a beautiful job!

All of these and more will are for sale. They will be listed here, on Etsy and will be on display and for sale at Dollywood in October for the Harvest Celebration. Stop by and see us there!

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