A New Favorite Yarn

I’m working on a new sample project for Friends and Fiberworks.  Initially, I was disheartened by the materials. One of the yarns included is a silk/mohair blend. The mohair is grabby and sticky and makes me sneezy and itchy. All I could think of while winding it was “Dear goddess, I’m going to be sneezing for a year”.

Today, I finished up my other on-the-needles project and cast on for the scarf in the second yarn in the kit, Zazu from Twisted Sisters.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I’ve been checking the label and online information to make sure this is NOT cashmere. It FEELS like cashmere. It makes me tingly in happy places like cashmere does, but it is only merino, if super nommy extra fine merino can be describes as “only”.

I have already put in an order for the kit for the “Heat of the Night” top by the same company and it uses the Zazu as well. That one will be a “me” project and something I can wear while teaching and demoing. It’s going to be soooo very wonderful to wear!

Zazu: extra fine merino 50grams/390 yds. Check it out on Yarndex.


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