New Dye Approach

A few weeks ago I got the chance to browse the Feb 2013 Complex Weaver’s Journal and it contained references to Margaret Coe’s CMYK approach to dyeing. You can get her dyeing handout with the overview here.

For those that don’t know, CMYK is the process used in the print industry, when you order “4 color printing” this is what you get. Being a subtractive process, it should work well on white or close to white fiber. More on CMYK color model here.

I just picked up more Procion MX Fushia and this weekend I’m going to try to reproduce this color way on some Dye-Lishus cotton sliver based on this process. I will also be testing on some 6/2 bamboo yarn and maybe some unmercerized cotton yarn to see if there’s a difference in concentrations needed between them.

If this goes well I’m going to try to reproduce the results on wool with Lanasets. I’m not sure I won’t have to tweak a few of the Lanaset stock solutions to get the correct C, M and Y, but that’s what makes it fun right?


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