I’m Done with Knitter’s Pride

Today is the final straw.

No, they don't work too well this way

No, they don’t work too well this way.


I love these needles, how they feel and how they knit. I love the Karbonz as well. That’s why it is so heartbreaking to end this dysfunctional relationship. KP needles and I have never been good together. From the start they let me down. My first say was 24″ size 7 Cubic circulars, one and a half projects into the relationship and the cable fell apart. leaving me stranded and alone.

I contacted KP to ask for help and they told me to return the needles to the original place of purchase with the original receipt for a refund or exchange. Who keeps the original packaging and/or receipt for knitting needles? I’ve had failures in other brands of needles and an email or call to the manufacturer, with possibly sending them the damaged ones, resulted in replacements.

I let KP know that returning them to the store of purchase with receipts and packaging was not an option and they finally decided to send me a replacement set.

9 weeks later…. I receive in the mail a set of size 7 Cubic interchangeable tips. I have broken circulars, you send me interchangeable tips… This turned out to be genius on their part. I returned to the store of purchase for the originals, and they did exchange my damaged circulars for me and I purchased a cord for the tips I was sent. I invested more money into their product. Yep I’m a sucker.

I really wanted these to be good needles. I wanted to switch from my Hiya Hiya interchangeable set up over to KP with their variety of tip materials and the release of Karbonz. More than anything, I want a good set of carbon fiber interchangeable knitting needles. It’s just cook and I’m that kind of geek. Don’t judge. At every juncture I ran into complications. They don’t make the size I want in the style I want. Availability is sketchy. I know you have to work on a relationship, but I was putting in a lot of effort for very little return. It’s like KP wasn’t even trying.

Then, for my birthday, I received as set of Karbonz Circs. I thought the affair might be saved. These are great feeling needles at a good price for carbon fiber. They held up through both socks knitted with them. In the back of my head I still had a doubt about the first pair coming apart and the lack of customer service, but I ignored that. People can change after all, right??? Knitting needle company can improve their product. It’s be fine. I’m sure that KP loves me as much as I love them. We are invested in each other.

And now it’s all come apart and I’m left feeling like a fool for believing in them in the first place. All the signs were there. I started this sweater, a cute lacy tee from White Lies Designs and made it through the back with the only problem being once of the tips wouldn’t stay tight in the cord. I started the front and as I cast on, a cast on that does very little to twist or turn the needle, it came loose with more frequency. To the point that in the first 3 rows of knitting I’d have to screw it back together every 15 stitches or so. Both directions, it didn’t matter.

So this morning I pulled out my little tightener that you get with the end caps to use to cinch the cords down. I figured that I wasn’t getting enough with just finger tightening, even with my Hiya Hiya grippers. And that’s when it happened.

I wasn’t even putting pressure on the wood part of the tip, I was holding the metal base with my grippers and twisting the little tightening doo-hicky in the cord when the tip fell. It’s broken right where the metal base is.

So, ok, the average person doesn’t do as much knitting as I do. I’m hard on needles. These are designed for the average hobby knitter maybe. I would concede all of these points if it weren’t for the fact that this is the second time these needles have been out of my needle holder. They’ve never been used for a production piece, only for my personal side knitting. These were not abused needles. In fact, I exercised extra caution with these because they were wood and not steel or aluminum.

These are knitting needles, I have the right to expect that they would hold up to a moderate amount of the use they were designed for. I don’t deserve to be let down again and again by my knitting partner. And so I’m moving on. Knitter’s Pride needles, you will always have a special place in my heart, but I just can’t keep investing in you financially and emotionally only to be disappointed. I wish you well.

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