A lot of changes coming

Yes, I’ve been quiet lately, but there’s a really good reason.

Fall festival season went very well. I was very busy. Dollywood Harvest celebration was huge this year. My first year teaching at Rhineback was exciting and overwhelming. Any so much more, like SAFF happened too.

Right now I’m working on recovering. I still have to sort through, reorganized and get set up for Christmas gift making. After which, will be lots of new stuff available as soon as December.

In the mean time I am already planning 2014. Hightlights will include more teaching, starting in January! I have a new partnership and product line coming out that is very exciting. With the new line I/we will be vending for the first time at SAFF!

So many exciting things to come. I just need a bit more sleep first. And coffee, lots of coffee…

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