Working away

I have a number of exciting things coming up that all revolve around this new-to-me loom. Her name is Clothilda, or affectionately called Loomzilla.

Clothilda (aka Loomzilla)


If the bench seems a little small in that post, it’s because it is. To prove that our hand painted items are practical as well as beautiful I’m borrowing a bench from stock until I can make other arrangements for seating for Clo…


Isn’t it pretty???? It really brightens the room. So here’s the deal, I’m giving 10% off this bench to anyone who buys it. It was brand new, then painted, and not it has held my bum up briefly and will do the same while I weave until it is sold. It will not hold a tool, though it is capable of such. I challenge you to challenge me to find a really appropriate bench for this new to me loom!

Buy it from out store here,  Or from the Etsy store here.

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