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Have that prize winning show fleece and don’t know what to do with it?

Were you given a raw fleece and don’t know how to get it to a spin ready state?

Do you dread washing fleece and want some companionship and tips on making it less of a chore?

At this BYOF (Bring Your Own Fleece) washing clinic you will learn hands on a fast and efficient low stress method to scour your fleece.

You will learn:

  • How to prepare and sort your fleece for washing
  • Determine the water temperature to use for the type of fleece
  • How many times to use the scour product in the water
  • How many times to rinse the fleece
  • Tricks to dry the fleece efficiently

Students should bring:

  • Fleece to wash (Limited raw fleece either wool or mohair may be available to purchase on site)
  • Students should wear comfortable clothes and be aware they may get wet or muddy
  • Rubber dishwashing gloves (optional)
  • Plastic bag to transport damp fleece back home

We will be at a Good Fibrations, a gorgeous Angora goat farm. Many thanks to Marcia Kummerle and her friends to hosting!

More about this clinic Event Page

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